Hey White Southerners: New Study Says You’re ‘Blacker’ Than You Think!

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*Get the conniption meds ready because many a white southerner may be getting ready to have one! A new study published in The American Journal of Human Genetics had researchers using ancestry data that was compiled by 23and Me, a commercial genetic testing company, to measure the percentage of African ancestry of people who self-identified as white.

Got those meds ready?

As it turns out, self-identified white people who live in the South have the highest concentrations of African DNA.

In South Carolina and Louisiana — the states shaded the darkest green on the map below — researchers found 2 percent African ancestry in one out of every 20 people who called themselves white. Add to this, in a lot of the South, about 10 percent of people who identified as white turned out to have African DNA.

Hold the phone!

white as black study

Racial mixture represents African female/European male couplings.

white black study2

28 percent: the tipping point for identifying as black?

tipping point

Genetic information was also used to determine the genders of the specific people who were responsible for some Americans’ mixed ancestry. The findings showed that many more (19 percent) of the ancestors of self-identified black people were European male, while only 5 percent were European females. They could even pin down the timing: the mixture generally occurred in the early 1800s, when slavery was legal.

No surprise there.

This reflects what is well known about white slave owners raping enslaved women of African descent.

Just like white people in the South had the most African ancestry, so did black people. The lowest percentage of African heritage in people who called themselves black was found in West Virginia. Next: Washington State.

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3 thoughts on “Hey White Southerners: New Study Says You’re ‘Blacker’ Than You Think!”

  1. Not shoking when we all know that white men raped slave girls and women on a regular basis. Hell, this even happened after slavery.

  2. This is old I know but I wonder if anyone decided to point out that South Carolina and Louisiana had the largest free black populations in the antebellum South? It wasn’t slave women being raped, which was not a widespread phenomenon despite mythical unsubstantiated evidence. It was free black creoles, many slaveowners themselves, mixing with whites. There is your free history lesson for today. Try leaning it. You’d be surprised what you’d find out researching, instead of watching “Roots”.

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