Layaway ‘Angel’ Shocks Customers at This Pennsylvania Wal-Mart Store


*Well a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, too!!!

Thanks Mister. That’s what customers at home wondering how they was going to tell little Johnny he might have to wait until after Christmas to get his gifts was probably thinking.

Once they came to, that is.

A man nobody knows straight up walked into a local Pennsylvania Wal-Mart Monday and dropped off a $50,000 check to pay off the entire store’s layaway bills.

The man made the donation anonymously, but about 100 customers got some early holiday magic when their balances with the store located just outside Harrisburg were paid off.

“He said he wanted to help take care of folks – to bring everyone a special Christmas,” store manager Steve Myers told Penn Live.

“It was a shock to a lot of customers,” assistant store manager Tiawanna Brook echoed. “It definitely was a cheerful moment.”

People get real heart around the holidays. And many who have the resources and use them to help others in this way, have become known as “layaway angels” because of how they walk into local stores and pay for all the items on layaway.

This particular layaway angel’s deed did not go unnoticed.

“It was a shock to a lot of customers.”

“I’m overwhelmed, and I guess relieved,” Robert Carolus, who had toys on layaway for his grandchildren, told Penn Live. “I’m just disappointed I couldn’t say thank you,” he added.

“It was definitely a surprise, and a blessing,” Tanisha Burton, who had a $200 balance for her daughter’s Christmas gift, said.

The anonymous man’s donation came on the final day that customer’s had to pay off their layaways.

“It’s amazing to see the random acts of kindness that happen at the holidays,” Wal-Mart spokesman John Forrest Ales told Penn Live. “It’s incredible customers are coming in and wanting to help their neighbors by covering their layaway balances for the season.

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