Man Gets Feelings Hurt When N-word Appears on His Bar Tab – But they Called it a Joke they Pulled from His FaceBook Page

Marquis Moore
Marquis Moore

*See, folks better stop calling themselves by the N-word, because when others’ not in your race decide to refer to you like that, how can you get mad?

Marquis Moore‘s feelings apparently got hurt after he saw the N-word  allegedly printed on the bar tab space where his name was supposed to be, according to The Patroit-News. He had gone to Zembie’s Sports Tavern in Harrisburg, Pa. to eat and watch the game, but was shocked when he got his tab and saw the offensive slur.

“It makes me feel like I’m just low,” Moore, 29, expressed. “A n–ga is an ignorant, disrespectful person. It has nothing to do with your skin color. What would possess you to put something like that on a piece of paper? You don’t even know who I am.”

But here’s the thing. Angelo Karagiannis, Zembie’s owner, apparently thought it was funny; and wondered why Moore didn’t get the joke. He said Moore shouldn’t be offended by it.  Reportedly the establishment’s bartender, Megan Bonsall, told the owner Moore had been chatting with other bar patrons.  So when she wanted to know Moore’s name, she asked a friend of his, who directed her to his Facebook page where he referred to himself as “sexy N-word.”

Bonsall claims she wrote the controversial “N-word” reference on his receipt as a joke.

African Americans especially will really get a kick out of this next quote that attempts to justify why the bar owner and his employee feel they couldn’t possibly be racist.

“Megan has worked for me for 12 to 13 years. There was no malice intended at all,” Karagiannis explained to The Patriot-News. “We have a Redskins fan club and every week there are 12-15 black guys who come in to watch the games. We are not racist at all and serve anyone.”

Moore, however, ain’t buying it.

The Harrisburg, Pa. resident, 29, says, “Even if that is the case, why didn’t she put ‘sexy n-gga’ on the check?” he contends.

I wondered if she had. Now I know…(she didn’t!)

Moore won’t be going back to Zembie’s. Believe that!

” I’m hurt by the situation, I am just a random Joe and she could have just taken the time to ask my name,” Moore observed. “Racism is no longer behind closed doors.”

People (such as this waitress/bartender) ought to recognize that just because something is on the social media page where YOU are NOT a friend, it doesn’t give YOU the right to call that person ANYTHING other than their name.

Next time you might do what the man says: Just ask.

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