Man Blames Alleged Rape on ‘Sleepwalking’ After A Binge, Calls Victim ‘A Sweet Girl’

Jason Britcher
Jason Britcher

*Well let’s just hope this crap doesn’t ‘catch on.’

Please forgive me your honor. I was drunk and high and didn’t know what I was doing when I climbed in her window and had my way with her.

Sucking my teeth!

But its probably close to the tale 40-year-old Jason Britcher told, after he admitted mixing gin and cocaine before he crept into the unlocked room f a woman who was still in her party dress, asleep, and then, started to caress her.

Hull Crown Court heard the alleged victim thought Britcher was her husband. This is why she said she responded to his advances before she turned around and saw it was the married clerk trying to have sex with her.

Britcher, a father of a teenage daughter, sounds as if he laid it on tick in the courtroom. The father denies attempted rape and sexual assault on the barrister and further charges of sexual assault and rape on a second woman after a wedding party five years earlier.

And as if his accomplishments were justification for what he did, Britcher actually fixed his mouth to tell the jury how he had “worked his way up” from being a humble listing officer to the man responsible for bringing in work for 50 barristers. This frequently involved late night socializing, accompanied by alcohol to “oil the wheels” of commerce.

He said: “I enjoy a drink and I enjoy company. Part of my job is to socialize, most of the time drink is taken. I was dictated to by the company. If someone wanted a good-old fashioned drink I would cater for that.”

She is a lovely girl. She is a sweet girl. If I say sorry, I mean it

Jason Britcher

On the night of the Christmas Party Britcher bought cases of wine, spirits, food and nibbles and helped convert four floors of a building into a party venue.

They made one of those vodka ice sculptures where guest could take shots straight into their mouthas it ran down an ice mountain.

Britcher admitted to snorting cocaine through a bank note after being offered the drug by a barrister and admitted he thought the act was “foolish.”

He was caught by CCTV as the night porter hepled him stagger back to his hotel room, but claims his memory was blank after he got in his room needing the toilet.

“The next thing I remember is being woken up by someone stroking my manhood,” said Mr. Britcher. He claims he went into “auto pilot” and committing a sexual act on the woman before hearing her shout “This is all wrong” and “**** off.”

He added: “I don’t blame her for saying that. I was in the wrong bed. I jumped out immediately. I was mortified. She is a lovely girl. She is a sweet girl. If I say sorry, I mean it.”

He said he went back to bed in his room and was awakened by the police; who then arrested him on suspicion of attempted rape.

Britcher denies another woman’s claim that he sexually assaulted her while she was staying at his family home. He claimed he had consensual sex with her at another time, though.

He said his association with the chambers had ended with his suspension and subsequent resignation but that he was still married.

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