‘Hands’ Theory is Back! Want the Perfect Man…Check Out Those Hands!

*Now do we really need “new research” to tell us what we’ve been hearing for years about a man’s hands? OK, let me back up. This research says you can find the perfect man because the length of his fingers can predict how well he gets on with women.

Same difference.

But it goes into a bit more detail, I guess. It says men whose index fingers are close to the length of their ring fingers were found to have more harmonious relationships with women.

The lower the ratio between second finger and ring finger, the more likely they are to have a happy relationship.

They say the “digit ratio” called 2D:4D is linked to sex hormones and is measured from the crease where the digit joins the hand to the finger tip and that a longer ring finger shows more exposure to testosterone in the womb.

The study was led by a woman, of course. Professor Debbie Moskowitz from McGill University in Canada, said in an exclusive interview with The Express: “When with women, men with smaller 2D:4D ratios were more likely to engage in behaviours such as listening attentively, smiling, compromising, expressing reassurance and complimenting the other person.”

And this is interesting! The study claims men with smaller 2D:4D ratios also have more children.

It also notes men with larger ratios fussed equally amongst men and women.

The researchers recruited 155 men and women aged 18 to 54 and cross-referenced their questionnaire answers to the lengths of their fingers.

The differing 2D:4D ratios of women in the study showed no significant effect on their behaviour.

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