Frustrated About Packages Being Stolen from Doorstep, Woman Leaves ‘Stinky’ Surprise Instead


*Imagine having thieves steal your UPS, FEDEX and other packages from your front door. That is truly messed up. But one woman in Washington, D.C., had a surprise of a stinky sort waiting for the culprit this time.

Andrea Hutzler got smart! She started leaving packages of dog poop in the boxes instead — and the crooks quickly took them away, MyFoxDetroit reports.

Hutzler had been plagued by doorstop thefts for the past two months, and lost Christmas gifts, clothes and even 6-foot-long aluminum construction poles in the process, according to the New York Daily News.

 She set up a surveillance camera on her front door and discovered the items were being stolen by the same Grinch… All to the tune of an estimated $858 worth of goods according to police reports obtained by WPIX TV.

So earlier this week, she decided to take matters into her own hands, with some help from her two dogs.

“I have a shovel that I use to pick up their dog poo, so instead of just shoveling it into a garbage bag, I shoveled it into a box,” Hutzler told

Hutzler put the box of doo-doo on the doorstep and moved the camera so she could get a better angle of the robber’s face.

She struck pay dirt on Monday after the thief showed up in his usual fashion, unaware, of course, that the package had poop inside.

“I had originally wanted to put a note in the box that said, ‘Surprise!’” she told WJLA TV.

Bummer was, there was no camera to capture the expression of the thief when he opened the poopy package at home. But Hutzler believes she got her point across.

“I think he would be gone for good because he’ll never know what I’ll be putting in a box,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.

Watch the video on the ‘sweet revenge’ below.

3 thoughts on “Frustrated About Packages Being Stolen from Doorstep, Woman Leaves ‘Stinky’ Surprise Instead”

  1. Well good for her. That will teach the thief not to come to her residence again. What would be even better is if someone had a stack of bibles or a bunch of various gospel tracks in boxes for the thieves. Can we say conviction?

  2. Gone for good I doubt it. The avg thief steals looking for a reward in the first place. So it might deter him for awhile.

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