UM Sorority Sister Includes Racial Slur on ‘Suck’ Cake and Posts to Instagram

Delta Gamma

*Ah college. Those of us who attended can probably recall doing some pretty dumb stuff – especially if we lived on campus – where we had more freedom from prying eyes. And some who went on to become members of Sororities, well, that’s a whole ‘nother story. The pranks you were forced to participate in? Some of which you initiated…do you now look back and say, “Dang, I actually did that?

Yeah. Ya did. But you probably weren’t dumb enough to post it on social media.

Yet from any angle the sorority sister in this story can’t blame her actions on a prank she was forced into.

Nope, this piece of work was all hers. It was her decision to come up with what she wanted on her birthday cake.

And it was her decision to post the finished product on social media; where, unfortunately, if you are an institution, the actions of one member can serve as a reflection on the entire organization.

According to The Baltimore Sun the University of Maryland, Delta Gamma chapter is in some deep doo-do after social media picked up a recent Instagram where one of its members is all smiles standing next to her three-layer 21st-birthday-cake; inscribed with the message, “suck a ni*ga d**k”

You know we got the picture below, don’tcha?

Of course the university’s department of fraternity and sorority life tweeted their condemnation of the photo on Thursday.

“We are aware of an insensitive post from a community member & are addressing it with the chapter as it does not align with our Greek values,” according to The Sun.

And of course that tweet was followed by Delta Gamma a few hours later on Facebook saying,

“We have become aware of an unacceptable Instagram post by a member of our chapter. The Fraternity volunteers and staff are working with our chapter at the University of Maryland at this time to hold this member accountable.”

But as controversy goes, not everyone found the Instagram offensive. One comment, in response to Delta Gamma’s Facebook post, blamed the use of the word on rappers saying, if the n-word is so offensive, rappers should find a different word “to abuse.”

This sorority chapter is not new to controversy. The Sun reports they drew headlines last year after a furious email from Rebecca Martinson to her sorority sisters was made public.

OK enough already, the cake making all the noise is directly below. The ‘inscription’ is at the bottom…in chocolate syrup.

cake with racial slur

3 thoughts on “UM Sorority Sister Includes Racial Slur on ‘Suck’ Cake and Posts to Instagram”

  1. It’s a rap lyric from a semi popular song… And they did not use the offensive version of the word. People are over reacting, as you wrote she is 21 and in college lol.

  2. this Sorority has lost their minds. They are self indulgent and entitled. Their superiors need to shut these girls down before realities of the real world show them what’s what. They are supposed to rise above such ignorant use of words, not wallow in the ignorance and perpetuate ignorance.

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