Women: Holla If You Feel Pain of Woman Who Delivered 15-lb Baby in Washington

Welcome Francisco Leon Ortiz, Jr.
Welcome Francisco Leon Ortiz!


That is most likely the first thought that comes to the mind of any woman who has given birth and is reading this. We know the labor in itself is intense, not to mention the work it takes to push even an average-sized baby out. So imagine this mother who shocked the medical officials in the Birth Center at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Washington, when she pushed out a baby that weighs 15 lbs.

Needless to say, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

On average, newborns weigh about 7-1/2 pounds at birth. And although Yessica Ortiz Delgado had given birth to two children who were larger than average, even she was surprised that her newest bundle of joy came in at this enormous weight, according to The Inquisitr. 

“We deliver babies of all sizes, but it is not every day that we deliver and care for a baby as large as Francisco,” says Barbara Connet, who is the director at a Birth Center that delivers more than 500 babies a year.

Connet says that the Aberdeen 15-lb. baby, who was delivered on December 2 at 8:21 a.m. by Dr. Nicholas Hallak, has been the talk of the town. Even Hallak was surprised at the size of Francisco Leon Ortiz! He is not only the youngest child of three, but now holds the record as the largest to be born in his family. Each of his siblings weighed around 12 pounds at birth.

big baby

The new mother says she knew her baby would be large, but thought that meant it would be closer to the birth weight of her other two kids. Francisco Leon Diaz, the child’s father, had to run out and buy new clothes for their son since the clothes they bought were for an average sized newborn.

Mother and child are fine and will return to their home in Raymond very soon.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nicholas Hallak is still shaking his head in disbelief, according to Kitsap Sun.

Not to step on “little” Francisco’s weight legacy, but there was a boy born in 2011 named Akbar that weighed in at 19 pounds.

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