What Would You Do If Your Pastor Asked You to ‘Nae Nae the Hell Out?’ (Watch)

nae nae pastor

*Apparently, parishioners of Baltimore’s Faith Empowered Ministries knew exactly what their pastor, Westley West meant when he made that request from the pulpit. He appears to have found an effective though unorthodox way to engage the youth in his congregation.

Comedian Kevin A. Fredricks brought the video of West to our attention. The pastor, dressed in ripped jeans and a yellow button down shirt, is preaching up a storm when he makes the request at the height of his speech, asking young people of varying ages to “Stand up and begin to NaeNae the hell out.”

If you are scratching your head like many of us, let me help you out.

The NaeNae is a dance that was originated in Atlanta. You remeber the TV show Martin, right? And who was it that lived across the hall from Martin and Gina?


Well  the dance gained popularity after a hip hop group released the 2013 song Drop that NaeNae.

A young boy in the pastor’s peripheral starts swaying in agreement to his pastors request. And soon, West is running around the room pulling people up to their feet, asking them to join in on the questionable praise dance. And before you know it, babies, the usher in the back and even a church mom in a platinum blond wig are leaning and rocking in an attempt to two-step away from their demons.

Its a hoot! And hard to believe its taking place in a church in the year 2014. But hey,it may be getting harder and harder to bring today’s youth to the church; so a pastor’s gotta do, what a pastor’s gotta do, right? At first glance one can’t help but assume it’s satire. But we did some digging and found out that the video (and the church) are indeed real.

According to the congregation’s Facebook page: 

The mission of our church is to teach, preach and exhort the word of God. We strive as a ministry to elevate, empower and encourage believers and non-believers through our fervent prayers and the word of God. 

Some find the video fun and entertaining, while others have expressed concerns that the pastor may be playing with fire.

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