Ugandan Nanny Caught Beating, Stomping on Toddler…On Camera! (Watch)

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*What on earth could be a plausible reason for a nanny to savagely beat a child in her care?

But Jolly Tumuhirwe, a 22-year-old Ugandan nanny, was caught on hidden camera (see below) doing just that. She was seen force- feeding the toddler, before throwing it on the floor and STOMPING on it.

Unable to deny the accusations with the footage right in her face, the nanny plead guilty in court, and begged for forgiveness.

Tumuhirwe came to court on Monday with her mother. After admitting to the crime, she now faces up to 15 years in jail with a fine of $400 for the charge of torturing a child.

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The child’s father, Eric Kamanzi, was suspicious after he noticed his daughter was bruised and limping. He didn’t confront the nanny, but instead, went to check the camera he had hidden. After seeing what the nanny had done to little Aneela Kamanzi, the videotape was uploaded to social media sites and went viral.

On the video, the child was seen being dragged by Tumuhirwe; being beaten with a torch, kicked and then, the shocker of all shockers, the nanny was seen standing on the toddler.

The attack began after the little girl vomited while the nanny was feeding her.

According to the BBC, the father broke down when the nanny told the court that she was sorry for what she had done and begged for forgiveness.

Despite offers to be represented by one of Uganda’s leading legal advocates, Tumuhirwe appeared in court without representation.

The request was denied by the magistrate because a lawyer had not formally notified the court.

An assertion was  reported that Eric Kamanzi beat Tumuhirwe, who had been working for the family for three months at the time, ‘to a pulp‘ after watching the video. He was arrested after the nanny reported the assault to police and he admitted to the attack.

But the charges against the father, who works for an NGO in Kampala, were dropped after the authorities saw the video footage of the nanny beating his child.

A statement issued by police said the charge of torture would be amended to attempted murder, but the directorate of public prosecutions was quoted in local media stating that the charge remained torture under the Anti-Torture Act.

Tumuhirwe had released a statement prior to her court appearance that revealed the reasons behind her actions towards the child. She claimed that her employers were unsympathetic to her family situation; where her father laid on his death bed.

She blamed her actions on what she says she witnessed the mother of the child doing to her.

The  court was adjourned by request from the prosecution, who asked for two days to gather more facts on the case.

The magistrate is expected to make its final ruling on Wednesday, when the case returns to court. Tumuhirwe will be sentenced then.

The viral video has opened online discussions on what punishment the nanny should receive and the conduct of nannies overall. Some expressed concern about how the father escaped punishment for his own savage beating of the nanny – with some commenting these beating may have occurred prior to what the nanny did to the child.

Other commenters say they ‘would have finished’ the nanny off.

Watch the maid/babysitter beat/torture toddler:

See the maid in court pleading guilty to beating the toddler:

7 thoughts on “Ugandan Nanny Caught Beating, Stomping on Toddler…On Camera! (Watch)”

  1. This nanny, should never again in life, be around children. And the same thing she’s done to that baby, need to be done to her 20s worse. AND Locked A WAY FOR LIFE !

  2. this is one of the reasons I don ‘t let immigrants do nothing with me or my family or let on my property because their level of values and principles are so much different than our measures of values and principles. But still yet in certain parts of the United States this would be just considered a whoopin as ignorantly some afri americans would say… the little girl need a whoopin.. and so this un-certified nanny needs to be locked up for life.

  3. Jessup, you sound like a racist nut. If you don’t know several African Americans from different cultures intimately, you can not speak about what they do, or do not do. To say that you don’t let immigrants do “nothing” with you , or your family, or let them on your property speaks volumes. Should I assume that you are Native American, or just ignorant to how your people arrived to this country?

  4. Your ignorance and mind-boggling though process is as inexcusable as the nanny’s. Yes, I compared the two of you. Those gaps in your reasoning, and the nanny’s are what leads people lime you and the nanny to do heinous things. You need to talk to more people. Different people.

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