Unhappy Much? Here’s 13 Signs It May Be Time to Change Your Ways

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*Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bad day. After all, we’re human. We all have ’em. But many of us generally know when its happening to us; so we tend to stay away from people on those days. We don’t take phone calls, we don’t do the social media thing. Hell, we may even take a day off work or use some of those vacation days we’ve accumulated.

But what about the folks that seem to have a ‘bad day’ everyday? They appear to actually enjoy them. Instead of staying away from people, they tend to seek them out and create drama. If they can’t physically touch you, they go on social media and look for the most negative stuff to share.

Yahoo.com calls the people who exhibit these “13 signs” ‘bad.’ I just call them ‘unhappy.’ So I borrowed some of the ‘titles’ – but boy did I have enough examples (and titles) of my own! Whatever you choose to call these folks, (and you can’t change anybody but yourself) if you recognize you in more of these signs than you’d like, it may be time to change your ways…unless its working for you, of course.

Which I seriously doubt.

You have a bully mentality

I actually know one or two people like this. And more with some of the traits. They seem most happy when they can be in control of everyone or everything in the immediate environment. You may have a great idea that others’ want to explore, but once this person hears it, they think of every reason to shut it down claiming it won’t work. Supervisors at work exercise this tactic a lot, too. Sound familiar?


You are a movie or TV show spoiler

Now you know damn well everyone has not seen the movie yet. Nor have they watched the latest episode of “The Young & The Restless.” But do you care? No! So you get on FaceBook and blab the storyline, before you tell us how it ended! You insist on letting us know the juicy parts of what Victor or Adam or Chelsea did on Y&R? Sound familiar?

You never take responsibility for anything (aka You blame others)

You know you had some part in that mishap. But instead of owning it, and being accountable, you stood right there and listened to someone else get reprimanded for it – without saying a word. Or perhaps you did speak up! But it wasn’t to accept responsibility. Instead, you found every reason in the world to make it someone else’s fault. Sound familiar?

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You have forgotten how to be pleasant

You get right to the point now. No ‘small talk’ such as ‘Good Morning, how are you (and actually wait for a response). You only reach out to someone to complain about something, to ask a favor or to borrow money. And forget about smiling. Its something ‘other people’ do. Even your less than harsh words are delivered stone-faced. Sound familiar.


You are a poor, poor listener

Honey, if it ain’t about me I’m not interested. Narcissistic much? The speaker could be talking about anything under the sun, and true to form, you will find a way to turn the conversation around to you. ‘I did that once. When that happened to me I…’ and on and on. Do you notice how quickly people remember they have a meeting to get to when you start talking? Sound familiar?

You never share your stuff

You like it when people share their seats on the train or bus. On the other hand, when you get a seat first, you sit in such a way that no one else can share your seat.

That ‘green-eyed monster’ has you hook, line and sinker!

Yep, you’re a closeted jealous person. Oh you manage to give a fake smile when someone comes to you with their good news, but you’re so envious that it didn’t happen to you, you actually have visions dancing around in your head of how you can steal their joy. Sound familiar?


If it doesn’t benefit you, fuggitaboutit!

You always put yourself first. You have no time or energy to do anything unless you’re getting paid, promoted or having your ego stroked. Even if you do give, somebody had better make it known…or you just may take it back! Sound familiar?

…And finally!

You take credit for everything

“That would not have happened if it wasn’t for me!” If you’re not saying it out loud, you’re probably thinking it. Whether your friend got a new washer/dryer (You wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t mentioned that old one was crap) or the house next door got sold (My friend knew the realtor). It happened because of you. You. YOU! Sound familiar?

No, that wasn’t 13. Head on over TO Yahoo.com to see more.




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