Leaked Racist Texts Over Two Year Period Gets Ohio Cops Suspended (Watch)

civil rights leader flips pages
Dayton civil rights leader Derrick Foward views the alleged text messages sent by Flanders and Sollenberger over a two year period.

*I swear, this cop drama just seems to escalate. As we continue to watch one protest after another to put an end to police brutality, following the grand jury decision not to indict Eric Garner’s killer; and the killing of a man allegedly carrying a knife in Hollywood, California just last night you must be thinking: Police have probably been doing this for years and we’re just catching up to them.

Lo and behold, two cops are now on paid administrative leave because of leaked racist texts from their personal cellphones.

‘There were a couple text messages that I wasn’t comfortable with,” Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer said of his two deputies suspended after allegations of their compromised ethics arose.

He was speaking of text messages sent between December 2011 and January 2013 between Capt. Thomas Flanders and Detective Michael Sollenberger.

And you guessed it, they weren’t very kind to black folks.

The racist text messages were leaked by an anonymous person to the Dayton Chapter NAACP. 

According to records, 19-year Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office veteran, Flanders and Internal Affairs’ Detective Sollenberger wrote messages that range from jokes to threats about killing black people.

At a press conference earlier this week, Sheriff Phil Plummer said, “That’s really why they were taken off the department at this time.”

The NAACP had alerted Plummer about the allegation, and an investigation began in August. Chapter president Derrick Foward read some of the texts he discovered during a press conference with 2News (See video below).

text from cop1

“I hate n—–s. That is all,” wrote one of the officers in the text seen above, but it doesn’t specify which one. The other cop replied, “Awesome.”

One of the officers even threatened to stab a black person at a local bar, describing the person as a “coon,” Foward said.

Three other officers are being investigated for possible involvement, but the deputies have yet to be named and remain on the job, according to WDTN-TV.


Sheriff Phil Plummer of Montgomery County (seen above) was commended by the NAACP for acting swiftly in suspending the two officers, according to a report by WHIO-TV. In a televised interview he speaks of a department that has good relations with the community, and says the actions of these two officers are theirs alone – not the attitude of the department.

suspended cop, flanders

According to 2News, Flanders (seen in photo above) spoke with them off-camera and called the allegations “False,” adding that he is “not racist.”

See the 2News video report directly below.

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