Man Allegedly Stabs at Least 4 People…Strangers….on AmTrak in Michigan (Photos)


*Remember the Louis Armstrong song, It’s A Wonderful World? Well, if Satchmo was alive today he’d probably say, “Scratch that.” It’s a crazy damn world anytime someone just goes berserk and starts stabbing absolute strangers on a train.

That’s exactly what happened according to Reuters.

And look what one eyewitness wrote on Twitter:

“Crazy world we live in. Some man just stabbed 4 people one car away from me on the train,” said the user, @Chris_Maynard.

Michigan police took a suspect into custody on Friday following the stabbings of multiple victims on an Amtrak train in the small city of Niles, according to a Niles Police Department dispatcher.

The dispatcher, who only gave her name as Nicole, could not immediately say how many people were hurt, or give any further details on the incident or suspect.

Niles, a city of about 12,000 people, is about 10 miles (16 km) north of South Bend, Indiana.

According to Amtrak, the incident took place on Train 364, the Blue Water service, which runs daily between Chicago and Port Huron, Michigan, while the train was at the station in Niles.


Though the company provided no details of the incident, they said that there is someone in custody and that the Amtrak Police Department is assisting in the investigation.

The Chicago Sun Times provided the quote from Twitter, where the person tweeted that four people had been stabbed in the next carriage along from him. A photograph of a man in a gray jacket lying in handcuffs on the floor of the train had been uploaded.

Amtrak said the train had been traveling to Port Huron at the time of the incident, and it said the company is working to arrange alternate transport for 172 passengers.

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