OMG! Man Punches Woman in Face on Live TV Game Show (Watch!)

Looks innocent enough, right?
Looks innocent enough, right?

*Oh man, I kid you not, you think we do crazy stuff here in the U.S.A.? When is the last time you saw one person attack another on a game show…and have it be televised???

In the short clip below, contestants are standing around an automobile. They aren’t speaking English, but somehow, you can tell when its getting heated.

The woman dressed in a G-string starts waving her shoe in the air. She begins to taunt the man with the shoe . He lunges towards the woman, grabs her hair by the back of her head with both hands, appears to slap her before he slams her to the ground and punches her in the face.

And its LIVE!!!

The show’s host rushes over to the woman who remains on the floor, obviously upset…especially when she sees blood.

Dang! Its times like this I wish I was multilingual. I hear this is a Russian game show. Does anyone know what was said? Why in the world would this fool react that way…hitting a woman?

Your thoughts???

Woman is bleeding after being punched in the face by a male contestant
Woman is bleeding after being punched in the face by a male contestant

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See the incredible clip below!

6 thoughts on “OMG! Man Punches Woman in Face on Live TV Game Show (Watch!)”

  1. Disgusted! I’d love to know what happened to the man afterwards? I’d surely love 5 mins alone with him, he needs severely dealt with.

  2. Hmmm.. what I found more disturbing than him body-slamming and punching her was NO ONE surprised or concerned or tried to stop it the asault. That speaks volumes – it says there is no value or regard for women in that society. How despicable and disgusting! Dude needs his azz spanked!

  3. Garreth and Mr. Unapologetic are right, this is disgusting and the guy definitely needs to be dealt with. Like Mr. U I think this video tells us a lot about how women are viewed in Russian society. Not a single contestant on the stage with them even attempted to intervene, just stood there and witnessed it, SMDH.

  4. Thank you for all the enlightened responses guys. I too would LOVE to have 5 minutes with this dude, Garreth. I agree, Mrunapologetic and Andrew Ricks, Jr., not a darn soul stepped in to DO anything! Beyond disgusting. Contemptable. I’d like to think that ould not be the case here in America.

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