Bill Cosby ‘Late Show’ Interview Dug Up: Is This ‘Creepy’ or What? Considering…(Watch)

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*A v-e-r-y interesting video “starring” Bill Cosby has resurfaced. It’s nearly 13 years old according to the age (65) that Cosby admits to Sofia Vergara, who he interviews while sitting in the host chair. The comedian is in full Cosby swing as he talks to the Latin beauty as she makes her first appearance on American television.

…and the reviews are in!

It’s kinda creepy in light of what’s going on now.

Think back to a time when Cosby was the dad everybody wished they’d had. There was no harm in his flirtatious behavior with young, beautiful women because he was Cosby. He was cool. He was wise. He was funny. He was trusted. Even though he came off in his fuddy-duddy kind of way. After all was said and done, he WAS America’s Dad.

Now snap out of it, because rape allegations against Cosby today has probably wrecked the fantasy of a lot of folks; while it continues to work on others as more and more women (at least 15 so far) surface to describe a different man than the Cosby we thought we knew.

The alleged predator who drugged women after inviting them to his hotel room; then had his way with them.

The 10-minute video is circa 2003 and it was before Sofia hit her Modern Family stride and became a household name. Almost immediately Cosby’s flirtation starts as Sofia begins to talk about her dress, and how Latin women love to wear tight clothing. She says she should have worn “the other dress,” which was less revealing. But couldn’t because she got lipstick on it in the dressing room. This gives Cosby all the room he needs to discuss go down the road of “SINful” thoughts.

It doesn’t take a behavior specialist to see that Vergara is clearly uncomfortable at times during the conversation; though she tries to play it off and throws out nervous lines like, “It’s time to go to commercial,” then laughs it off. She does, after all, admit this TV appearance is a “make or break” moment in her career because she’s sitting next to the icon.

Cosby leans in: “You make me feel young again. You make me feel…ehm…very excited.”

Vergara then jokingly begs Cosby not to die from all the excitement, but recants, saying that maybe if he died on television, it would make her more famous.

Vergara: “Tomorrow, everybody will know Bill Cosby died interviewing Sofia Vergara.”

Cosby: “Not for the interview.”

Then Sofia talks about her film at the time, “Chasing Papi” and says its about a woman chasing a guy who “treats you right while he’s doing the wrong things.”

Cosby (leans in and asks). “What are these ‘wrong things?'” (Definitely qualifies as creepy).

But here’s the Motherload…

Sophia elaborates by posing the question: What could he be doing right if he has 3 girls chasing after him.

Cosby responds, “He could be doing a television show.”


Sophia giggles, and says, “But I mean in the real world.”

To which Cosby responds, “But this IS in the real world.”

Hands down Creepy WINNER!!! (And I didn’t even share how this line of questioning ends!)

Watch Bill Cosby interview Sofia Vergara directly below.

Something tells me the archives are going to get REAL busy as time goes on…

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