Florida Woman Found Dead With ‘Arrows’ in Head Killed By Son

Michael Watkins booking photo

*The Sheriff’s office in Okaloosa County Florida received a call in the wee hours of the morning today, stating a man was disturbing the peace. When police arrived at the given address they found a woman dead with arrows sticking out of her head.

Gloria Watkins was identified as the woman who detectives found slumped over in a chair upon their arrival. Her son, Michael Watkins, told detectives he had killed his mother with a gun and a bow-and-arrow and then stabbed her Sunday because he claimed she “stole his diamonds and also gave his father cancer,” authorities said.

 According to an arrest report Watkins, 42, said, “You see that, that’s death,” as he pointed to his mother.

Watkins also claimed that “he had to kill her because she was trying to kill him,” the report said, though it did not reveal any information on  why or how she was trying to kill him.

The son was charged with murder and resisting arrest without violence. According to the sheriff’s office, Watkins ignored repeated commands to get on the ground. Though he eventually complied, he retrieved a large knife from a sheath on his belt after he stood up, authorities said.

Deputies used stun guns on Watkins twice.

An autopsy will be conducted on the victim. It’s not clear if Watkins has an attorney. Officials with the jail and the sheriff’s office could not be reached.

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