No Tithe, No Burial: Pastor Refused to Bury 93-Year-Old Parishioner (Watch)

Olivia Blair
Olivia Blair


*They say “money is the root of all evil.” Keep that in mind as you read this story about a pastor who refused to bury one of his church members…and why

Olivia Blair, shown in the photo above, lived to be the ripe old age of 93 before she passed away after years of sickness and months of being comatose.

She had joined Fourth Missionary Baptist Church at the age of 43, and when she passed away, her family contacted the church to let them know and requested they perform her burial services.

You can imagine their shock and disappointment when pastor Walter F. Houston said ‘Absolutely not!’

The reason: She had not paid her tithes over the past two years.

“For the last two years, my mother has been in either a nursing home or she’s been in a hospital. And the last few months, she was in a coma!” explained Barbara Day, the decedent’s daughter.

Barbara Day
Barbara Day, daughter of Olivia Blair, “What does money have to do with God”

Day went on to say that the church only cared about “money,” and argued that even retail stores were more respectful of their customers. She has a hard time understanding the commercialization that has now found its way into religion, and asks,

“What does this have to do with God? Why can’t I give my mother her last wish to be funeralized in a church that she loved so much?”

Barbara Day said the situation “was like the last insult in the world,” and also indicated that the refusal left her scrambling around town to make alternate funeral arrangements.

Pastor Walter F. Houston
Pastor Walter F. Houston owner, Tyrone Jacques says he pleaded with Pastor Houston to ask if he would reconsider and he refused. He then asked the pastor if having the funeral on a day when the church was closed would be acceptable. Jacques even offered to foot the bill for the service.

But even this offer was refused by Houston, who told Jacques, “Membership has its privileges.”

Adding insult to injury, Jacques says that during his conversation with the pastor, who said the burial was refused because Blair was no longer a member (which the family denies) and she had not held up her financial obligation to the church  he asked, why no one had gone to check on the absent member. Jacques was told by the pastor, if they cared so much for her, why didn’t they send a dollar to maintain her membership.

Jacques has now put his efforts into launching “The Olivia Blair Project,” which seeks to draft Congressional legislation aimed at curbing what the site calls “predatory tithing laws.”

Now I ask you readers, and I especially want to hear from Christian readers: How do you feel about the actions of this pastor who refused to bury Olivia Barnes? Do you agree that because she didn’t pay tithes, she should not be buried by her church?

Watch the video news report directly below. And visit to see how others’ answered the questions.

10 thoughts on “No Tithe, No Burial: Pastor Refused to Bury 93-Year-Old Parishioner (Watch)”

  1. I am totally in shock ! This man is not of God and if his members allow this it is not a church of God but a cult after only interested in monetary gain. My question to this man that is pimping Christ is what did the years of paying tithes get her ?

  2. This man is the devil. It’s not about the money. The church belongs to God and the people not the pastor. Everybody that claims to be called isn’t and the members should take heed.

  3. I am not surprised. I am a Christian but with behavior like this I am not certain if that is a good thing. Church’s are full of people only interested in being part of clique and pastors, &c are the shameful leaders. But they are just people and we need to stop holding them to a higher standard.

  4. This is so not like God’s Word, God loves when the Poor, Needy, and the Oppressed are taken care of..what are tithes for besides taken care of the needs of the church and helping those in need. God said bring all tithes to the store house so in time of need their will be meat..other words This lady has been paying her tithes for as long as she could..therefore her tithes were good to help why aren’t other tithes good to grant her with an honorable Homegoing.. Wake up we now have to put the church through a check to make sure the church is living by God’s Word..Not just Preaching or Teaching but Putting God’s Word In ACTION..I Believe that if the ministers are living these lavish lifestyle then they should be teaching their members as well..There are a lot of ministers whom has been called by God, but there are those whom wanted to live the lavish life just so they could steal the tithes from the people.. God is now starting to uncover these wolves in sheep clothing just as he said he would.. God’s Word He Can Not And Will Not LIE..Thank you Jesus!

  5. The tithe is O.T. law.Its ashame how ministers lay such a burden of percentages across the necks of Christians.Now teaching the principle of the tithe is something else all together,Christians need to dig into scripture deeply an realize we are to be cheerful givers from the heart,we are under the covenant of grace.One of the problems is that the church has been feed so much spiritual junk food,it no longer has an appetite for true & sound biblical knowledge.Christian education begins in the pulpit.With such a weak Gospel being proclaimed by Pastors who are ignorant of their own Bible this doesn’t suprise me.

  6. id say it was better for her family to not have her buried by this charlatan. I hope this opened some of the eyes of the congregants there.

  7. I guess the pastor’s First Lady needs a new car. Can’t get that without tithes!

  8. Something very similar to this woman’s story happened to my Mother when my Dad died.

    When I was a youngster, my parents sent my siblings and I to church twice every Sunday and every Sunday morning and evening they would give us money to put in the offering plate. Over the years, my parents learned that the church was building an annex so my Dad gave hundreds of dollars to help with expenses. However, he was not a member and had never set foot inside that church.

    Years passed and my Mother became a member and still, she put money in the offering plates. (My Dad did not join her.)

    Years later, my Dad would pass away at an ripe old age but when my Mother was talking to the members about the funeral services, my Mother was told that my Dad’s funeral could not be held there.

    Just like Ms. Day, my Mother was scrambling to find another church to hold my Dad’s funeral.

    All those years/decades and my Dad gave thousands to that church yet they refused to honor and show respect to his wife and family. When we asked why my Dad’s funeral could not be held at the church, they said it was because “he was not a member.” Sadly, my Dad was not a member of that church but his money certainly was.

    According to my Bible, God wants all of us to have money so money itself is not evil. Instead, it is the LOVE of money that is evil.

    May God have mercy on Ms. Day and her family and may He bless and keep her Mother’s soul.

  9. just like mourning rites and consoling the bereaved, the a funeral service is held for the bereaved and other congregation affected by the death of one of their own. Its never held for the dead as it has no benefit for the departed soul as far as protestants are concerned. The same applies for a service of remembrance. In most mourning places and services in our setup wise pastors use the opportunity to win souls of the living and not that of the departed.

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