Medical Incredible: What’s Up Your Nose…No Seriously! (Watch)


*I know. That’s a strange question to ask in the headline of a story, but the video is going to be much worse – especially if you’re squeamish.

Yep. That was your warning.

But seriously, did you know that there are people living with a condition called Myiasis? It’s a parasitic infection of fly larva, and you know what a fly is before it becomes a fly right? Well THAT could very well be making a home up your nasal passage.

Still can’t grasp what the heck I’m talking about?

OK, let me say it straight out then. There is a video where a doctor in India did an endoscopic procedure on a patient that shows him removing LIVE MAGGOTS from the man’s nose.

As the singer Lourdes would say, “So there.”

As grossed out as I expected to be, my curiosity got the best of me and I put my “ready to watch a medical marvel” hat and looked at the 4-minute video; which after a while reminded me that I was grossed out because once they removed the maggots, they started moving around.


The CDC says this condition generally occurs in tropical and subtropical climates. And flies actually lay their eggs in an available place on your body — say an open sore, and when the eggs hatch, there go the maggots, who them begin eating the surrounding tissue.

But Myiasis can be fatal if it is not treated. So while this video is not for the squeamish, the doctor most likely saved this patient’s life.

According to the Daily Mail, the patient in this case ended up having 50 maggots removed from his sinuses during the two-hour procedure, and is said to have recovered from the infection completely.

See the GRAPHIC video directly below.

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