Freeway Exit Sign Spelled Wrong is Embarrassment to SubContractor

Olympic Blvd

*Dang. We’ve all made spelling errors, but hopefully they were not this big. And I do mean that literally.

Caltrans, the California Dept. of Transportation, recently installed a new sign for the Olympic Boulevard exit off the 710 freeway in Southern California. But instead of spelling it Olympic , it read “Olimpic.”

The mistake was spotted by a construction crew with the agency the next morning, but it was too late because drivers had already saw it, snapped pictures, and placed them on social media.

A black tarp was draped over the sign days later in an attempt to cover the misspelling.

The pavement on the 710 freeway is being improved and the new sign is a part of that $120-million dollar rehabilitation project.

The improvements will reach from the Los Angeles River Bridge to the 10 Freeway, and will include median barrier upgrades, shoulder widening and the installation of fiber optics and precast concrete panels and slabs.

With regard to the mistake on the sign, Caltrans spokeswoman Kelly Markham said the subcontractor will pay for a new sign.

“I want to emphasize that all costs associated with the removal, replacement and installation of the Olympic Boulevard sign will be paid by the subcontractor who fabricated the sign, not taxpayers or the state,” she said.

Signs spelled wrong are nothing new.  As a matter of fact, there was a column called “Only in L.A” where longtime Times columnist Steve Harvey used to keep track of these things. Here are some of his favorites from his “City Street Sign Hall of Fame.” Obviously, the people actually creating the signs were a bit distracted. Can you spot the errors in the signs below?

• 111st Street

• Bevery Glen Boulevard

• Castle Hegihts Avenue

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