Did New Orleans Police Really Ignore This Tourists’ Rape Claim? (Watch)

NOPD, Woman says ignored rape claim

*A woman is claiming that police in New Orleans have ignored her claim that she was raped in her room by a security guard. The unidentified woman, who made a tradition 3 years ago to visit New Orleans with her husband, says the rape occurred after her husband left their French Quarters hotel room.

The woman says that despite all the evidence in the room that prove her claims, the police detective said the sex was consensual and refused to follow up on the case.

Famed women’s rights attorney and media personality, Gloria Allred, recently joined the victim and her husband to share details on the issue outside of a meeting that was scheduled with the NOPD, where they were to discuss the case.

The name of the woman, who was 39 at the time, remains unknown. But she and her husband agreed to speak before cameras.

Attorney Gloria Allred (R) speaks to her client.
Attorney Gloria Allred (R) speaks to her client.

She is in New Orleans as a result of a new report by Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux. More than a thousand rape reports were investigated by his office over a three-year period that concluded in December 2013.

The case had been handled by an NOPD detective identified by the department as Vernon Haynes, one of five detectives in the Special Victims Section who was the subject of Quatrevaux’s inquiry.

The case of this woman falls outside of the time-frame of Quatrevaux’s inquiry, but her accusation of being dismissed was a match with those of other women who became outspoken after a scandalous report.

The public appearance by the woman had her reading from a prepared statement. As she retold the story tears ran down her face. She said she had reported the incident to the hotel, but declined to mention which one. After she went to the hospital and a rape kit exam was performed, she was told by Hayes that the security guard had been ID’d; but then told her that no further action would be necessary because “the sex was consensual.”

The detective shared no explanation of how this conclusion had been reached.

Meanwhile, the husband of the victim stated that he was in the room during his wife’s examination.

“I am a physician,” he said. “All the signs were consistent with my wife having been raped.”

Watch the victim’s video report directly below. Then read more at Nola.com

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