Woman Thought ‘Dead’ in Morgue Freezer, Discovered Alive 11 Hours Later

Morgue_(1)*There is little anyone can do to calm the sorrow a family member feels when their loved one passes. The outpouring of love from everyone is appreciated, but there is nothing anyone can do or say to make you feel better.Except, oops! We made a mistake. Your loved one is NOT dead after all.This is, basically, what happened to Bogumila Kolkiewicz, the niece of Janina Kolkiewicz, who was found on November 6 lying on the floor of her home in Ostrow Lubielski, a town in eastern Poland, by her niece. The 91-year-old appeared to have no pulse and her breathing had stopped. She called Wieslaw Czyz, their local doctor, who pronounced the woman dead.Dr Czyz said: “I have 28 years of experience. There was no pulse, no sign of breathing and no heart rate.

“Her eyes were open but they were not responsive to light.

“So I wrote the death certificate.”

It was then that the body was taken to a local morgue and the bereaved family began to make arrangements for the funeral.

So you can imagine the shock of the morgue staff when 11 hours later they saw her body bag beginning to move.

The bereaved family was notified immediately. In the midst of making burial plans, there was a knock at the door.

“We were all terribly upset and were discussing what to do when at about midnight there was a knock at the door, says niece Bogumila Kolkiewicz. “When I opened it there was a man from the morgue who told me that there had been a mistake and that my aunt was actually alive.

“I nearly fainted,” she added. The aunt has now been placed back in the care of her niece. Bogumila said: “When she arrived back she was frozen stiff, but we gave her a cup of hot tea and that cheered and warmed her up. She then said she was feeling peckish so I gave her some soup and two pancakes.”
“Neither I nor my predecessor who headed this office for 30 years have ever come across anything like this,” stated Henryk Klementewicz, the town’s director of births and deaths registry.

The prosecutors office is now investigating.

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