Man Brings His ‘New Woman’ With Him to Serve Divorce Papers…Bad, Bad Move! (Watch)

Girlfriend Beatdown

*Well I just don’t know WHAT to think about this one. And I would sure appreciate your thoughts at the end.

We can understand when things don’t work out in a marriage, after a l-o-n-g while, you might start thinking about divorce. This was apparently the case with one couple – well, it was the case with the husband.

But here’s the thing. When he decided to let his wife in on the decision he had come to, which was to divorce her, he brought his new woman along to serve the divorce papers.

The wife went off…and kicked the new woman’s butt in the process.

Sharona Coach-Barnes is now in jail for assault because the authorities say she took her anger out on her husband’s girlfriend – who accompanied the man to her East Memphis home to deliver divorce papers.

Coach-Barnes is being held on $30,000 bond. The affidavit, which reads like a soap opera, states that the angry wife even pulled a gun on the other woman.

According to the affidavit, Derico Barnes served his ex with divorce papers, and brought his new girlfriend, Cherrita Evans, along.

People were quick to offer opinions once news of the beatdown hit the airwaves.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it,” said one neighbor. “They’re not together. He’s just letting his woman know there’s nothing to it. There’s nothing to her.”

Teisa Foster, another neighbor, gave an opposing opinion. “She should have got beat,” she said of Evans.

If this were a contest, Foster would’ve won, because a beatdown is exactly what Evans got.

Police say Coach-Barnes started punching Evans and then pepper-sprayed her. Evans and Derico took off running, but according to police, the ex wasn’t done yet. They say she enlisted her mother and brother, found her husband and Evans, and pointed a gun at them as she drove by.

Of course there are those who understand Coach-Barnes’ actions on an emotional level. “Any kind of business that he has with her, he needs to do by himself until they get a proper divorce,” Foster said. “She has no rights in that.”

Others said there is never an excuse for violence.

“She didn’t do anything to her,” one woman said. “She needs to go to jail.”

Your thoughts? Do you think the ex was right in taking it out on the girlfriend. I think its the husband’s dumb ass that she should have kicked.

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16 thoughts on “Man Brings His ‘New Woman’ With Him to Serve Divorce Papers…Bad, Bad Move! (Watch)”

  1. He was a pussy for bringing his unofficial new girl to his unofficial old girl’s pad to serve papers. The wife should have beat his b…ass not hers, but the too she kinda deserve it for being stupid enough to actually go with him to handle business that is not about her. She is the new booty so she should stay in her place & let him close this chapter on his own. It’s his mess!!!

  2. The hubby should have known what kind of wife he has/had as far as how she handled this or perhaps he brought this side of her out when he chose to be so disrespectful. The girlfriend was a fool for agreeing to go with him. Even if he was divorced their is such a thing as respect which consist of boundaries. Too bad the wife is now going to have a record, a fine and whatever else will come from this situation.

  3. When the man went to serve those papers any decent woman with command sense would have known it was not a good idea to go along with him and she had the nerve to get out of the car and not expect any trouble she needs to change her name to Booboo the Fool. It wasn’t her business as the mistress so she got exactly what she deserved!!!!!!!!

  4. Although I do understand her anger… I’ve learned that it’s Not the woman that should be shown your anger… It’s the man. The woman was trifling to allow herself to come … Speaks less of her… If she was a Real Woman she would’ve been a help mete and wisely suggested he deal with his wife alone.. This should’ve showed her that her man was immature… But he’s obviously got a lot of growing up to do still… So trifling … So trifling!!!!

  5. You got to be kidding! He disrespected his wife in every since of the matter. I don’t agree with violence, but he should have beat his ass. Obviously the new girlfriend is insecure, she should have never been at his wife house, the are still husband and wife, mind you, he’s bringing her the divorce papers, he was being an asshole because he could have had the papers served by civil service, The Law! The wife should have beat her down, and him too! There’s not a problem with letting go, the problem is he disrespected her badly!

  6. I’m sorry that the wife lost it. I wish she could have kept her head and hit him in the pockets. But he might be a broke ass. He is definitely a Bitch ass, there was no need to bring the new lady. The new lady is a idiot and deserved that ass whipping for stepping onto the wife ‘s property. I hope the wife can get out of jail and move beyond this. Married men have stepped to me, I always say, be man enough to handle your current situation before trying start a new situation. Nothing good will come to this lowlife of a man and this woman.

  7. MAYBE SHE’S THE REASON BEHIND THE DIVORCE. WHEN THE TABLE is TURNED AND SHE’S BEING SERVED WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF THE NEW GF, I BET SHE’S GOING TO HAVE A DIFFERENCE ATTITUDE. Personally, I think a confident woman wouldn’t feel the need to be apart of that process but an insecure woman would.

  8. I’m not sure why the husband or new girlfriend thought this was ok. For the new girlfriend he’s not divorced yet so you’re an adulterer; his divorce was not even granted yet. She should’ve stayed in her lane and let him handle that alone. Violence is never acceptable, however she asked for it by going on this woman’s property. As for the husband that was a stupid move on his part and very messy. Essentially flaunting this new woman in his ex presence.

  9. I truly understand why this country is headed to Hell on fire! The asinine comments I read justifying the violent reactions and actions of the wife and her family is a reflection of “savage thinking.” The wife could have just cursed then both out to release her anger, and moved on to a better life without him.

    If girlfriend knew or didn’t know his intentions to deliver the divorce papers, she still should not have been touched.

    All the sacrifices made by those who died to give us the ability to achieve the American Dream, including our own family members who where savagely killed, did not freely give their lives so we can act as inhuman as those who killed them!

    We need to continue to strive for a better life, each and everyone of us. Teach/support our children in their path towards excellence. Show love towards each other and refocus the hate inwards, to make ourselves even better. Not better than anyone else, but better than we were the day before.

  10. You don’t go to someone’s home place of dwelling and disrespect me them and expect positive results. The husband put both in a bad situation that could have been prevented.
    Kevin hart voice he learned today and that’s that

  11. Yes she should have beat the skin off her ass and she should have kicked his ass as well, that is why he ran after she kicked the other woman ass. Those tired ass police officers should have locked his weak ass up as well because he make his woman an accessory to this crime. He seemed as though he was scared to serve her alone and if that was the case, he should have paid the attorney to have her served or the county sheriff. He wanted to rub it in her face with his new woman like a little punk. You go gurl…..handle your business.

  12. I agree with the previous commenter’s point about the fact that we don’t serve our own divorce papers! HOWEVER, I can’t say that I blame the wife for issuing the beatdown. Truth is, the husband shouldhave been the one to take the beatdown for disrespecting the wife that way. I will never understand why people are always so quickto dismiss the other woman though. As far as I’m concerned, these women aren’t stupid & they should be held accountable for jumping into compromising positions. You know what you’re getting yourself into so therefore you should be ready to face the consequences!!!

  13. He should’ve known not to bring his new girlfriend around his soon-to-be ex wife. That was so disrespectful and ignorant. The wife should have had her new man answer the door. Bet the husband would had liked that.

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