One Lucky Dog! Owner Uses Tree Leaf to Save Dog From Python’s Death Grip (Watch)

dog in pythons grip

*A dog immobilized by the death grip of a python is a scene that you pretty much know the ending to, right? Any way you slice it, it doesn’t look good for the dog.

Unless he is incredibly lucky. And whew! This dog certainly was!

Thanks to his owner, the canine escaped this harrowing ordeal. And by the sound of his robust bark at the end of the video,  you would never have guessed he was so close to danger moments earlier.

Still, it was one helluva scary moment for the dog and his owner in the forests of southwest India.

The dog was completely stilled by the python when his owner first came upon him. But the owner manages to free the dog in a video provided by Caters News Agency (via Mail Online).

The dog was only minutes away from death when the quick-thinking owner annoyed the snake by hitting it with a leafy branch. The annoyance was enough for the python to slowly loosen its grip and slither away, and the dog quickly moved away and began barking. According to Caters, the dog did not suffer any injuries.

That’s one lucky dog!

Pythons are nonvenomous. They rely on their powers to constrict in order to subdue and ultimately, suffocate their victims before devouring them.

In this case, thankfully, help arrived just in the nick of time.

See the amazing, but graphic video directly below.

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