Be Careful What You Buy at Auction–Man Finds Dead Body in New Florida Home (Listen!)


*Be careful what you buy at an auction. That advice may be a tad late for one man, who bought a house at auction in Florida and found a dead body on the master bedroom floor.

William Wilson was the proud new owner of the home on SE 19th Lane. He bought the property for $96,000 and of course, was anxious to check it out and do things like mow the lawn and trim the hedges.

But it was when he decided to do a walk-through of his newest asset, that he discovered the gruesome sight – a dead body right next to the master bedroom bed.

Cape Coral, Florida police continue to investigate, but here’s a clue, neighbors say they haven’t seen or heard from the last resident in years.

Scroll down for the 911 call.

‘You couldn’t tell who it was,’ Mr Wilson told the News-Press. ‘You couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female … it’s disappointing and a sad thing that nobody cared enough to check.’

Wilson described the house as a cluttered mess, saying it looked like someone was in the process of moving. He said that there were pictures of children on the fridge.

There was also a bird cage and a pile of feces on the living room floor. The most recent piece of mail was from November 2011 and the property taxes hadn’t been paid for the past three years.

Neighbors say the home was last occupied by an older woman from Miami who lived with her sister.  According to public records, that previous homeowner was Carmen Garcia-Viso.

They thought she had moved or disappeared since they hadn’t seen her in years.

Neighbor Gary Oben Jr., 30, said the woman was nice although she was reclusive and didn’t speak much English. He says he only ever saw her when she went to get the mail or watered the lawn.

‘I had a hunch,’ Mr Oben said. ‘Either it was a grow house or there was a dead lady in there.’

Hear the 911 call directly below.

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