Idaho Biology Teacher Kills & Skins Rabbit In Class to Prove A Point


*A biology teacher did the unthinkable in class recently. He decided to teach his students exactly how meat is processed; and how food gets to the table by slaughtering and skinning a rabbit in front of his 10th grade class.

The part time teacher (who also doubles as a farmer), is now facing disciplinary action.

The teacher remains unidentified, but according to school officials, he snapped the neck of the bunny in class, then skinned it and chopped up the body.

Nampa School District officials said they were not aware that an animal was going to be killed in class.

“It’s not something that is done in our schools,” said district spokeswoman Allison Westfall.

The Nov. 6 rabbit killing was brought to the attention of school administrators after a parent complained.

Students were told they could leave the classroom before the instructor snapped the bunny’s neck.


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