NYC Sued for 10M By Mom of Student Who Killed Herself After Found Cheating on Test

Omotayo Adeoye, 17
Omotayp Adeoye


*The mother of a 17-year-old Nigerian student who felt disgraced after she was discovered cheating on a high school exam and killed herself, is suing the city of New York because of it.

Mounsurat Adeoye is reportedly holding accountable, the high school that her daughter attended before she committed suicide. Adeoye filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of New York, according to LiveLeak.

Omotayo Adeoye (pictured) was a gifted student who attended the prestigious HS for Math, Science and Engineering.

When Omotayo died last May, she had been carrying a heavy load: taking advanced classes at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and waiting to hear if she had qualified for a ­National Achievement Scholarship for college. As one of four siblings, she is said to have had aspirations of becoming a doctor.

Omotayo killed herself after the teacher in a class where she was taking a German test, caught her peeking at her cellphone and snatched it away. Omotayo burst into tears and apologized profusely. It was discovered a few hours later that the teen had scrawled the following words on her German language exam, “I just want to go away forever on the bottom of the river.”

After Omotayo handed in her test paper and asked to go to the restroom, she never returned to the classroom.

Instead, she walked to Manhattan’s Hudson River’s edge in Harlem, placed her identification on a rock, then plunged into the murky waters.

Though there were witnesses who saw the teen plunge into the waters, they were unable to help her, and said she appeared to force her head under the water as it kept bobbing up until it disappeared.

Omotayo had reportedly run away from home on several occasions and even struggled with bouts of depression. Some say she was considered to be anti-social.

Court documents filed by Mounsurat Adeoye reportedly states that the teacher knew the student’s fragile mental state from past events. She also had immediate possession of the suicide note and the school’s staff “…failed to prevent (the teenager) from leaving the school.”

The heartbroken Mom also claims that the school waited too long before police were summoned.

Adeoye also claims it has never been verified that her daughter cheated at all. She is contesting this as well.

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