So You’re A Vegan…Woman Charged With ‘Underfeeding’ Her Baby


*So you’ve finally been convinced to get healthy. No more bread. No more late night snacks and definitely no more meat! As a matter of fact, let’s get everybody involved – make it a family affair. Even the baby.

Hold up. Wait a minute. Stop right there, girlfriend.

A Florida woman who allegedly refused to supplement her breast milk with a prescribed baby formula to nourish her seriously underweight baby, has been arrested and faces criminal charges.

Sarah Markham was scheduled to go before a judge on Tuesday in an effort to regain custody of her child, who doctors say was dehydrated and 10 percent below his expected body weight.

The mother had been told to take the infant to a hospital for treatment, but according to police she opted not to do so. She was arrested, and Child Protective Services took her baby.

Markham also refused to feed her child the formula that one doctor had prescribed because it didn’t satisfy her vegan beliefs.

In a WKMG video report, Markham said she didn’t agree with the ingredients, which she said came from animals, according to the police report. She was said to be using a soy product from Whole Foods instead.

Now up on neglect charges, she is only allowed supervised visits with her child. Her lawyer, George Zimmerman defense attorney Mark O’Mara, calls the charges outrageous and “not even close” to neglect.

“It’s absurd. It’s a mom trying to do the best she can, acting as a vegan which she has the entire right to do taking care of her child,” O’Mara told the station. “They’ve kept a child away from mom.”

Studies suggest that appropriately planned vegan diets can satisfy the nutrient needs of infants.

Do you think a baby should be fed a vegan diet

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  1. Nobody comes with it how to do book when they have a child. There are many babies raised is vegans. This young mother is as uninformed as the people that don’t know. It’s her child, her decision.

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