Watch: Brawl on New York’s ‘F Train’ Goes Viral (Graphic Language)

The video ‘Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway’ shows a young woman with two female friends egging her on while she verbally abused the lanky man, wearing a leather 8 ball jacket and fur hat.

*Somebody apparently didn’t get the memo: Keep your opinions to your damn self!

Now, in a video that has garnered more than 2 million views since it went up three days ago, what initially began as a young woman taunting a man on the F-train in Greenwich Village turned into a major brawl on the train – leaving four people in handcuffs early Saturday, according to police video footage of the melee.

In a Youtube video posted this past Saturday, Danay Howard, 21, is seen being encouraged by friends as she taunts Jorge Pena, 25, over his sense of style (or not) on the uptown bound F train near W. 4th St. shortly before 5 a.m., police said.

Pena  is seen in the video wearing a red, white, and black 8 Ball leather jacket and a fur hat. At first, he does not appear insulted, and politely nods and smiles. But this is short-lived, and things soon turn ugly.

“You got a bum ass eight ball jacket that came out in 1990,” Howard said to Pena before telling him to “just get your money up, simple.”

Eventually, Howard and her cohorts see someone filming their behavior and the women jump up from their seat and knock the phone from the man’s hands.

Moments later, as Pena’s face is off camera, a male voice is heard calling Howard a “dirty b—-”.

“What’d you call me?” Howard yells as she swings a leopard print high-heel and strikes Pena in the head, the video shows.

Pena then turns and slaps Howard across the face.

The blow knocks the woman back five feet as another man jumps in and exchange punches with the attacker as chaos breaks out on the train.

Howard and Pena were arrested at the W. 4th St. subway station around 5 a.m. along with Kevin Gil, 21, and Shanique Campbell, 20, who were apparently supporting Howard and had jumped into the melee after the slap, police said.

Pena, Gil, and Campbell were charged with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct, police said.

Howard was charged with felony assault for using a weapon – the shoe – in the attack.

The footage uploaded to YouTube with the title “Man smacks the soul out of girl on the NY Subway” has more than 2, 000,000 views, quickly becoming the slap heard around the internet.

3 thoughts on “Watch: Brawl on New York’s ‘F Train’ Goes Viral (Graphic Language)”

  1. I’m not for physical violence against women but this one deserved
    what she got. He should have smacked her. Maybe she will keep her big mouth shut and stop being a clown for her friends.

  2. Agreed. That was TOO, TOO funny. As a woman watching this. LOL. Yeah I was definitely on dude’s side. All 3 were out of contol! She did swing first. And then the other female slapped the phone camera out of the person’s hand. Well deserved. In this case anyway. HA!!!!

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