Technology Speaks: Birth Control Shots for Men, A Woman’s Eggs Will Never Go Bad

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*You know that technology has infinite possibilities, right? And it doesn’t just stop at software. Now, it is being designed to change the way men and women interact. In other words, based on developments in technology, sexual intercourse between a man and a woman may no longer be necessary – to make a baby, that is.

Here are five different technologies that are changing the way procreation happens.

Birth control shots for men.

1. Beginning in 2015 your doctor can provide birth control shots for men. The shot, called a Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance, is injected into a man’s scrotum and as the name suggests, it is completely reversible. Other countries have used this form of birth control for quite some time and it has shown just as effective (if not more so) than women’s contraceptives.

Eggs than never go bad.

2. That’s right!Ladies, never worry about your biological time clock again. Now, by freezing your eggs, you can use them when you get good and ready and the unfreezing process is simple and then the eggs are implanted. The only thing is, its very expensive and there is no guarantee that the egg will be fertilized once it is unfrozen (the eggs are viable but it all depends on the sperm).


3. Yes. You can decide exactly what kind of baby you want, and be able to choose in the future. Human genome projects and genetic mapping are paving the way to being able to “create” a baby. The mapping can tell where the most attractive qualities lie within the DNA and the genome projects are helping to spot trouble areas that could lead to birth defects, physical hereditary illnesses and mental illnesses.

Men, you may not need a woman to have a baby.

4. A Japanese scientist named Mitinori Saitou has developed a process where he can create a viable egg by using skin stem cells. This could lead to people of any gender being able to get a viable egg from their own skin cells.

Women you won’t need a man to procreate.

5. Women may no longer need men to have a baby either. British scientists have discovered that they can take bone marrow stem cells and turn them into “mature sperm” which can then go on to fertilize an egg.

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