Teacher Knocked Out By Student at South West High School in Philadelphia (Video)

Pewu Johnson, teacher knocked out

*Excuse me, but in a “No, this is not a scene from the movie, Friday,” kind of way; where “Smokey” (played by Chris Tucker) exclaims, “He got knocked the f**k out!” This is not a good look.

And it damn sure ain’t funny.

A teacher was knocked out cold by a student in his classroom at a southwest Philadelphia high school. The attack was prompted when a female student sat on a male student’s lap, according to Pewu Johnson, the 68-year-old victim of the attack.

Johnson apparently intervened, and says the student “…told me ‘get the f*ck out of my face.'” This, apparently before cold-cocking the high school substitute teacher.

The student then threw the teacher to the ground, where he hit his head, school district officials said. In a video of the attack the teacher lies motionless in the hallway while the students look on.

“The boy dropped me down with so much force,” said Johnson. “I was out.”

The victim was rushed to the hospital where he was examined and treated for a concussion. His alleged attacker was suspended from school.

“The assault that occurred yesterday is the result of an individual making a dramatically poor choice, said Fernando Gallard, a Philadelphia School District spokesperson. “The School District does not tolerate this type of behavior and is working with Bartram High School and the Philadelphia Police to make sure that the student is disciplined and also charged,” he concluded.

This is the third attack on a teacher at the school in less than a month.

 Watch the news report directly below.


3 thoughts on “Teacher Knocked Out By Student at South West High School in Philadelphia (Video)”

  1. So the student didn’t punch the teacher out.. he body slammed the teacher to floor which knocked him out, and yes he needs to press charges..and sue the school district…becuz this has happened 3 times currently at the same school.

  2. And he should press charges against that thug. You attend to school to learn and you must listen to your teachers. Most of these students are so disrespectful.

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