Airport Bio-Security Alerted By Tourists’ Snake Meat (Covered in Insects)

python fillets

*A Chinese tourist missed her flight because her luggage contained an item that caused a bio-security alert at the airport.  PYTHON FILLETS crawling with insects was found packed in her suitcase.

The woman said her mother had packed the snake meat; which was sealed in a plastic bag.

The flesh was  covered with insects when a quarantine officer at Auckland Airport in New Zealand unpacked it last week.

Although the package had gone through the declaration process, closer examination caused the alert.  The woman said she thought the package contained tea.

I guess those tiny bugs fooled her.

Brett Hickman, of New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), said: “It became clear the contents were definitely not tea when our quarantine inspector opened the package and discovered fresh fillets labelled as python.

“The meat could have had diseases damaging to our native reptiles. And contributing to the biosecurity risk, it was crawling with insects.”

Though the woman was not fined, the incident did cause the airport to raise its bio-security requirements, according to Mail Online.

Mr. Hickman said the woman “did the right thing” by alerting officials to the package.

The New Zealand’ Department of Conservation took possession of the meat.

According to Mr. Hickman, officers rarely see snake meat products like the one seized, but sometimes do come across snake wins from South East Asian countries.

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