Watch: Passengers Complain Vile Restroom Stench Caused Virgin Australia Flight to Turn Back

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*Thank goodness for merciful pilots! This was probably the permeating thought of passengers on board a transpacific flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Sydney Australia as they endured a bathroom breakdown over the weekend.

The incident occurred on a Virgin Australia flight on Sunday.

According to what one passenger told KCAL9’s Laurie Perez, the flight was only a few minutes in when he heard a “pop.”

He said the cabin was then filled with the worst kind of stench. Others passengers immediately took to Twitter to describe the incident.

Three hours in, the pilot couldn’t even stand it, and turned the plane around.

“It was a vile smell. It smelled like chemicals, excuse me, mixed with vomit and excrement and very acidic,” John Collins, a passenger, told Perez in a phone call from Australia Tuesday night.

Collins even said that a stream of liquid buckled into the carpeting.

He took a dim shot of the mess and of the bathrooms that had been cordoned off.

Passengers said flight attendants even handed out masks (the airlines denies this in their statement below!); some of whom posted selfies wearing them online.

“During the entire flight, they had to open the lavatory door and flush the toilet every 30 seconds for 6 hours,” Collins explains.

In a statement, Virgin Australia denied any problems with the toilets stating, “Reports of human waste in the aisles are incorrect. The safety of the aircraft was never in question.”

The statement continued, “Reports of passengers being handed face masks is incorrect. The water leakage posed absolutely no threat to passengers.”

The airline claims the problem was not with the toilets, but from an object lodged in a pipe which caused leakage.

The  roundabout by the pilot, they say, was just a precaution.

The passengers, who were eventually flown to Australia (on the same plane mind you!), were placed in lodging overnight and offered compensation.

Watch a video report directly below.

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