‘Congratulations Sir, You’re Pregnant’: Bus Driver Used Wife’s Pee for Drug Test

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*It appears you’d better test the urine you’re thinking of switching for your drug test – before the real test occurs. An Egyptian bus driver learned this too late; after he tried to avoid a drug test by using his wife’s urine but learned in the process that she is pregnant.

The man was one of several public bus drivers that had been selected for a standard drug test, according to the Al-Yawm al-Sabi website.

To magnify the effect of the bold-faced-lie, officials asked him to confirm that it was indeed his urine – before revealing the news, according to Bottom Line. After the driver responded that the urine was indeed his, the officials reportedly responded: “Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

Tamir Amin, a host on Bottom Line adds, “This story despite being funny has several lessons. First, that drugs have become available to many and have become as common as cigarettes. This is a calamity.”

Moving forward, the transportation authority will require a blood test in addition to a urine tests to prevent fake samples, a source at the Public Transportation Authority Hospital tells Al-Yawm al-Sabi.

Drug use among transportation drivers could very well be a part of the cause that approximately 12,000 people are killed on Egypt’s roads each year. Drug use has also been on the rise in recent years, with the painkiller tramadol proving particularly popular as a cheap – but addictive – energy booster.

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