Landlord ‘Evicts’ Woman Pregnant With Triplets From Her Home (Email Enclosed)

pregnant with triplets

*In what appears to be  an unfathomable act of inhumanity, a Lake Horn, Mississippi landlord has driven a woman with triplets on the way from the home she was renting with her two small children.

Now, she and her family say they have no place to sleep.

Chevis Poole, 28, was evicted from her home for not paying her rent for the past few months. She expects to give birth to her triplets any day now.

Poole says she has gotten some community support since WMC Action News 5’s Jerry Askin shared her story on Thursday, but it’s not enough to suffice. The destitute mother says she’s grateful for all of the calls, emails, and donations she’s received.

One kind viewer even donated a U-Haul truck on Friday morning to help with the move.

Chevis Poole fell behind by nearly $4,800 in rent and eviction court fees. She had a job at a local bank, but was put on bed rest and unable to continue working there. With a job intact, she planned on having one baby, not triplets, especially since she had no help from In Vitro Fertilization.

While her boyfriend’s family has agreed to take in her two kids, they live in Greenville, Mississippi, and Poole won’t be able to make that trip herself anytime soon.


“I can’t go to Greenville because that’s almost three hours away from my doctor,” she said.

Despite the challenges staring them in the face, the family is somehow staying positive.

“I just feel like something is going to work out for us,” said Jarrell Layton, Poole’s boyfriend.

If you’d like to help, you can email Chevis Poole at [email protected].



5 thoughts on “Landlord ‘Evicts’ Woman Pregnant With Triplets From Her Home (Email Enclosed)”

  1. Does the father have a job? No mention of how or what he was doing to help out. A bank job doesn’t pay much, so I hope she wasn’t pulling this weight on her own.

  2. What about her relatives. Parents and other kinfolk as well as the boyfriend. And if she was that far behind how many more months would the homeowner suffer losses. “Unfathomable”? Has the writer of this story made a donation?

  3. Someone please ask her bank employer to show some mercy by allowing her to live in corporate housing or bank owned foreclosed property . It will not cost the bank a dime.

  4. Headline spun as if the landlord did something wrong. When the bank wants their mortgage payment the landlord can’t tell the bank, “my tenant didn’t pay, so I can’t pay you”. $4800 in arrears is a lot of money. It’s unfortunate, but when the rent is due it has to be paid.

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