‘Headshots’ Replace the Old ‘Mugshots’ As Criminals Vy to Make Women Swoon

Sean Kory (L) and Jeremy Meeks
Sean Kory (L) and Jeremy Meeks

Good lord, what’s a criminal to do?

All Sean Kory set out to do was beat up a partygoer who dressed up like a Fox News reporter; get arrested and put in jail, and speak to a public defender.

But now that his mug, er, head shot has gone viral, he’s got to deal with fan mail.

Where oh where is the justice in that?

Ladies and others, there’s a new competitor in the “This one may be even finer than the last” jail house photo competition.

Move over Jeremy Meeks. Brotha, you are so last month.

Make room for Sean Kory.

Kory is the latest jailbird propped up on social media networks for your viewing pleasure. Since his head shot was posted, admirers immediately started comparing him to Meeks – whose icy grey/blue eyes, enhanced by the teardrop tattoo, had people swooning and agencies willing to forgo the fact that he is a criminal, if he would only consider a potential contract.

Kory was busted after he allegedly beat up a party-goer who had the misfortune of choosing a Halloween costume that Kory didn’t like – that of a Fox news anchor with an aluminum tennis racket.

Kory is said to have screamed: ‘I hate Fox News’ before pouncing on the party goer.

A 2008 booking photo (L) and facebook photo (R) show a young Sean Kory on his way to handsome
A 2008 booking photo (L) and Facebook photo (R) show a young Sean Kory on his way to handsome.


Positioning himself for potential infamy, Sean himself even commented on social media saying:

text from sean kory

In all fairness, Kory’s look is a bit more “user-friendly.” His wider eyes vs. Meeks’ more narrow ones, have more of a friendly demeanor.

Kory, who hails from the quiet town of Santa Cruz in Northern California, now has social media users wondering if he, not unlike Meeks before him, will garner the interest of modeling agencies.

 And more, if he will accept. Stay tuned.

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