Bad Behavior from 911 First Responders Costs Lives: Shame On ‘Em! (Video)

911 operator

*The people who work as 911 First Responders have the most stressful job in the world. They are literally in a position to “play god” because they decide who lives and who dies. This is not what they are supposed to do – but once you view the video attached to this story, you will see that this is what some of them actually do. 

We depend on the people who answer our 911 calls to get help for us right away. Halle Berry gave us a peep into the stress faced by these workers in her film, “The Call?” But in the ABC network program, 20/20, we see how the unprofessional acts and downright bad behavior of some real life first responders have landed them in tubs of hot water.

In the video directly below, we see 911 operators dancing in the car as they drive; sleeping on the job (we actually hear one of them snoring as a woman speaks her emergency on the phone line). We hear an operator tell one woman, who screams that she is being threatened with a knife by her boyfriend say, “I really don’t give a **** what happens to you,” while another operator hangs up on a woman because she cussed while telling them to hurry and help her grandpa.

All of this, in addition to the story that probably got the 20/20 programs’ attention in the first place. The heart attack suffered by one man in a parking lot; where he was taking his daughter to buy her a computer. The call was placed by a worker in a nearby store. The man ended up dying due to the irresponsible behavior of – not only the 911 operator who sent the ambulance to the wrong address; but the lack of interest shown by staff of the Fire Department directly across the street!


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  1. the 911 call operator answered and I explained right away my mom had a stroke her left arm is limp she is trying to talk nothing is coming out and her moth is twisted I stated I picked her up off the floor. The entire time I am saying to my mom hold still ma, ma of you can hold still for Bri and that Bitch stated do you want me to call and send the police to you for yelling? That flea never sent I called again and thank goodness I did because they said they didn’t know I called before.

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