Hey Singles: Find Your Next Match Online Via A DNA Swab


*The dating game is serious and investors are realizing it.

SingledOut, an online dating source, has convinced its investors to believe in what they are doing to the tune of $600,000. And that’s just the seed round that brings a close to the six-month beta testing phase of the site.

The way it works is, those who use the site must take a swab of DNA which is returned to them later. Instant Chemistry, a partner company, then looks at specific parts of the genetic code that will assist them in determining the romantic compatibility of users.

Focus is on the three genes within the Human Leukocyte Antigen system. They play a role in biological compatibility, the pheromones we release, and the makeup of our immune system.

According to Instant Chemistry, our attraction to others is the result of what our instincts tell us about who has a genetically different immune system than us.

SingldOut co-founder Jana Bayad said: “The biggest challenge for SingldOut so far has been to ensure that the right talent is onboard.”

The company has now redesigned its website and sent out DNA kits to members who signed up during its testing phase.

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