Woman Caught With Cocaine Package in Her ‘Lady Parts’ at Florida Airport (Video)

kathy ann ferguson

*A woman arriving on a flight from Jamaica landed in South Florida with a package she just knew had its own safe and discreet hiding place. But it didn’t take long for authorities to figure out the woman was hiding drugs – namely cocaine – in her vagina upon her arrival at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

KathyAnn Ferguson, 26, was abruptly arrested shortly upon landing at the airport Sunday afternoon, according to a Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest report released Wednesday.

Ferguson, from Hollywood, was charged with cocaine trafficking and later released on $15,000 bond. It was unknown if she has an attorney.

“She was stopped when a Customs and Border Patrol agent noticed something unusual about her, she was questioned, admitted to having cocaine on her body. She had inserted it in her private parts,” said Dani Moschella of the BSO.

BSO said the woman removed a cylindrical-shaped, plastic-wrapped package from her vagina that contained approximately six ounces of cocaine. According to the BSO, this is a crime that is happening on a regular basis.

“People are often recruited to carry drugs on their body, whether they swallow it or insert it in another area,” said Moschella. “It’s frequent. It happens all the time and it’s a huge health risk to those people. People often die when the drugs inside their body rupture.”

Ferguson faces up to seven years in prison under minimum mandatory sentencing laws.

Read more at NBC Miami and watch video report directly below

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