‘Aww, He Didn’t Know’ – Drug Suspect’s Dog Leads Police Right To Him (As He Crouches in Back Yard Bushes)

dog who led cops to drug dealer

*No Spot, bad doggie! This is most likely what was coming out of the mouth of one man who is now behind bars. According to Reuters, Alabama police located a suspected drug dealer, but not by their own efforts, with the help of the suspects dog. The suspect was apparently hiding in tall grass near his home and his ever-loyal companion – “Bo” – probably thought it was a game as he wagged his tail enthusiastically and led the officers right to him, police said on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Awe…he didn’t know…

Edward Melvin Henderson ran from his Prattville home on Tuesday after the cops pulled up with a search warrant, according to Paula Barlow, a spokeswoman for the Prattville Police Department.
meth suspect

Henderson ran, jumped off a ravine and continued running. As officers approached the ravine, a mixed breed pit bull/husky later identified as Bo came running up, she said.


Henderson ran into a wooded area and was hiding.  The two officers looked at Bo – who by now probably thought it was a game – ran in the direction of Henderson after the officers pointed and said to “go and get him.”

They trailed Bo, who wagged his tail upon locating his owner lying in high grass, according to Barlow.

The search warrant resulted in the recovery of methamphetamine and components from a meth lab, she said.

Henderson is charged with failure to obey police, unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Prattville is a suburb north of Montgomery, the state capital.

“Our officers work very hard to keep drugs out of here,” Barlow said. “We hope this sends a message that drugs will not be tolerated here.”

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