Mistaken Welsh Translation Has Cash Machine Offering ‘Free Erections’


*Hear ye, hear ye! This cash machine has a message for you; but its not the one its makers intended so, never mind. Tesco’s translation blooper offered ‘free erections’ instead of ‘free cash’ at a hole-in-the wall in Wales.

People in the Welsh town of Aberystwyth, where the faulty feature took place, had plenty to laugh about upon seeing it.

The sign should have read ‘arian am ddim’ which means ‘free money’ but instead it read ‘codiad am ddim’ which means free erections.

The embarrassing but giggle-inducing error was spotted by the town’s Welsh speaking Councillor Ceredig Davies.

He said: “There were a few titters in the town so I went down to have a look myself.

“Ten out of ten to Tesco for considering the Welsh language.

“But perhaps they should have had it checked by an actual Welsh speaker before putting the signs on the machines.

“People get their Welsh translations wrong from time to time but this one is hilarious.”

Indeed it tis’.


Of course Tesco Express took the sign down as soon as the mistake was spotted, and not unlike many of us, one local said Tesco must have depended on Google translation sites to deliver their message – in this case – the wrong one!

Read more at Express.

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