Idiot Alert: Criminal Caught Passing Drugs to Co-defendant in Rape Trial


*Dang! Can people get any dumber? Apparently they can. When a guard smelled weed on a defendant who was headed to jail for a “horrific” group sex attack, he caught sight of 22-year-old David Samuel Crisp handing marijuana to another man on the dock.

Crisp, who was given nine-and-a-half years for the rape, admitted to having the weed in his possession, and got an additional 12-month term at Northampton Crown Court in April.

But three top judges branded him “stupid” at London’s Appeal Court before cutting that sentence in half to six months.

On February 12, Crisp had been three days into his trial for the horrendous sex attack he and two others launched on a woman.

It was during that trial that he attempted to pass 0.8 grams of the drug to co-defendant, Shane Woolley, 21, of Loughborough Road, Coalville, who was also later convicted of the gang rape and jailed for eight-and-half years.

Later in an interview Crisp admitted he had bought the weed shortly before the trial  for £10, but said he was not trying to pass it along – but instead, wanted to get rid of it because he had forgotten he had it on him.

“Can you think of anything more stupid to do?” Sir Brian Leveson asked Crisps’ attorney, who appealed his case.

“I would struggle, my lord,” Ms Compton replied.

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