Neighbor Shoots & Kills Teen for Laughing at His Misfortune (Video)

kobe jones

*A teenage boy was shot and killed by an Indiana man who knocked on his door to ask if he had any info on a burglary that was committed at his home nearby.

When the kid burst out laughing, instead of giving information, the man went home, got his gun, and came back and shot the youngsternine times.

He died in front of his mother in the living room.

Kobe Jones‘ door was one of several that the man knocked on after he returned home with his girlfriend to find his home had been burglarized. The individual had interrupted several neighbors on the 1000 block of Polk Street, asking if they heard, or seen anything on the afternoon the thieves got away with his possessions.

The burglary is said to have taken place around 12:30. When the man knocked at the Jones’ door – Jones, 13, answered and was asked if he had any info about the burglary, and instead of answering, he allegedly laughed at the neighbor’s misfortune.

According to Gary police Lt. Thomas Pawlak, the Indiana man got angry, and started yelling on the front porch.

When the man’s anger escalated, so did the teens laughter. Frustrated by Jones’ reaction, the man returned to the home and shot the teen, nine times. Pawlak said the young boy died on the scene and he also revealed:

“The neighbor was yelling in anger about who was burglarizing his house, and the 13-year-old (Kobe) was laughing at him, and he got mad and there was some kind of confrontation. At that point, we don’t know what happened.”

The teen’s mother, Dallarshea Taylor, said she watched her son being shot numerous times, stumbling in the living room and dying.

The shooter and his girlfriend attempted to flee the scene, but they were caught about two hours later. According to neighbors, the couple had recently moved to the area from Chicago, and had threatened to “spray the area with bullets.”

If witnesses do not come forward, the alleged gunman may go free.

Kobe Jones attended West Side Leadership Academy in Gary. He was the third-oldest of 12 children; loved to play B-Ball  and was the comedian of the family.

This story has sparked a debate on the value of life and the problem with gun violence in America.

The video news report directly below tells a different story.

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  1. “The shooter and his girlfriend attempted to flee the scene, but they were caught about two hours later”

    Go free? what about the Mother who seen this man shoot the kid WTF is wrong with this story , justice system, the world?

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