Cemeteries Six Feet Up? Israel Builds First Skyscraper Cemetery!

Israel has built cemeteries six-feet-up
Israel has built cemeteries six-feet-up

*Whoa. Apparently, real estate is at an all-time-high all around the globe. And governing bodies are becoming more creative as a result. Take “final resting places” for example. As a result of a recent “that’s kosher” ruling from the Orthodox rabbis in Israel, preceded by the country’s extreme land crunch, the green light has been given for the design and building of vertical cemeteries in densely populated countries. In other words, instead of your final resting place being underground, it can now be six feet over. Still don’t get it? When you go visit the gravesite of your loved one, you might have to take an elevator to get there! OK, Now you can close your mouth…  The new high-rise cemeteries are the default option for burial in Israel. Each floor in the building looks just like a traditional cemetery; with a terrace-like facade filled with vegetation and pipes filled with dirt so that each layer is connected to the ground. Talk about thinking ahead! Somebody is due for a raise because this radical skyscraper design could give the country up to 25 years’ worth of storage space for its bodies. Tuvia Sagiv, an architect who specializes in dense burial design has a plausible (if not sardonic) explanation for why this is a logical response to burials.

It’s unreasonable that we will live one on top of the other in tall apartment buildings and then die in villas. If we have already agreed to live one on top of the other, then we can die one on top of the other.

Some are against using the land this way; but with the threat of “burial storage” looming worldwide, there may be solid, logical arguments as to why this radical response might be a valid option that should be considered by other governments, too. Read more at Yahoo News Digest.

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