Oh Snap! Did This Crow Say ‘F-U’ to A Man Who Insulted His Beak?


*Dang. Life is a blip! Even the birds are cussin’!

In a video quickly headed to viral madness, a man and woman appear to be observing a crow, who has flown over in a particularly over-friendly way to possibly be petted.

The woman is laughing as she asks the man if he is going to pet the bird. And the bird looks like he is stepping up to the occasion.

But when the woman asks the question, the man shys away and says the bird “has a big-ass beak.”

Apparently, this bird knows an insult when he hears one and casually says, what sounds like, F-you!

Watch the video and listen for yourself.


Thanks to David Attenborough  and his girlfriend for catching this fierce bird at the right moment!

What do you think the bird said?

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