Stephen Collins: Shamed Pedophile Actually Played One in Not-Yet-Released Movie

Stephen Collins

*As if the real world life of actor Stephen Collins could get any worse.

Collins soon-to-be-ex wife, Faye Grant, is said to have been holding the threat of releasing audio tape that she secretly recorded at a 2012 therapy session with the actor – who admitted to “molesting and exposing himself” to three girls some decades ago – over his head for quite some time.

And according to Collins attorney, she had her reasons for doing so.

Since the “reveal,” Collins has been in hiding and his career has gone into decline at a rapid pace. He has lost major film and TV roles (namely Mark Wahlberg’s move “Ted 2” and a recurring gig on “Scandal”) and the UP TV network even pulled “7th Heaven” reruns (I’ll bet the other actors are pissed!), where he famously played a minister. Collins also had the decency to resign from Screen Actor’s Guild board of directors; and he has also been dropped by his talent agency.

Nobody would want to be in this guy’s shoes right now. And with new victims starting to come out of the woodwork, his troubles show no indication of slowing down anytime soon.

But here’s the thing that beats all. Stephen Collins actually filmed a movie in 2013, where he played a pedophile priest! The film has been making festival rounds lately, and the poor director, Jeff Wolfe, tried hard to distance himself from the actor.

Penance” is a short film that stars Collins as a pedophile priest. The films’ director told People magazine on Wednesday that, “Although my short film, Penance, has recently played at a number of film festivals, it was actually made in 2013. When I cast Stephen Collins, I had no idea there might be a connection between his real life and the part I asked him to play.”


Don’t know if the film will ever see the light of day now, but one has to wonder, when Collins was “acting” the role — what was actually going through his mind. What “actual experiences” did he pull from? How did he slept at night knowing that he actually wasn’t acting.

Stephen Collins as pedophile priest in "Penance"
Stephen Collins as pedophile priest in “Penance”


Be that as it may, Collins is expected to appear in court for divorce proceedings with Grant on Nov. 12. And about the alleged reason his ex-wife let the tape loose, according to his attorney, she had been threatening to leak the audio tape for years in a strategic effort to enhance her financial position in their bitter divorce. But she did issue a statement denying that she leaked the tape; stating that she turned it over to authorities in 2012 per their request in connection with a criminal investigation.

See the Inside Edition interview with the director by clicking on the link below.

And read more of the story at Yahoo:

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