Nurse ‘Terminated’ Nearly 40 Patients Because She Found Them ‘Annoying’

Daniella Poggiali is accused of killing up to 38 patients
Daniella Poggiali is accused of killing up to 38 patients


*She might be your nurse. Hired to check your vitals, fluff your pillow and make sure you’re breathing.

Oh yeah, about that…

Someone should have warned patients on nurse Daniella Poggiali‘s watch not to piss her off because according to claims, she found close to 40 of her patients ‘annoying’ and killed ’em.

Poggiali apparently had a short fuse that went off if either the patient or the patients’ family irritated her. Now she’s in custody for allegedly injecting 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni with a lethal dose of potassium; and an even closer look reveals she may now be linked to the deaths of 38 others.

Calderoni had been admitted to the hospital for issues related to diabetes, but it was determined her visit should have been routine.

However, suspicions arose when she died from cardiac arrest, and an investigation ensued.

If you think Poggiali sounds like a real piece of work, check out the next sentence.

One of her colleagues said she gave laxatives to patients to make things more unpleasant for those people coming to work after her.


Poggiali works in a hospital. I have no idea why investigators are baffled at how she got her hands on potassium. But they are.

Chief prosecutor Alessandro Mancini told Libero Quotidiano: ‘The current patients of the hospital are not in any danger.

Well, I should think not; since the threat has been removed.

Unless she was a mentor.


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