FBI Looking for Man Who Yelled, ‘I Have Ebola!’ on Los Angeles Bus…Be Warned: Don’t Do This!


*There’s nothing like a jackass with an agenda.

Take one Los Angeles bus rider who decides to take the most serious health crisis the world has seen since god knows when to yell, “I have Ebola!” in the midst of a busload of people, frightening the hell out of them. Add to that, in a city like Los Angeles, where many foreigners and immigrants reside and ride the bus. Even with language barriers – once they hear the word Ebola…Mass chaos!

Well, the police are looking for this fool. And when they find him, he’s going straight to jail!

I just learned that his actions caused the teachers at one Los Angeles County school – obviously with half the story – to tell a classroom of students that Ebola has reached L. A. Now these children, frightened as all get out, have run home to tell – and frighten – their parents.

This is how ish starts.

Be warned: This is not a joke. Do not go around screaming “I have Ebola,” unless you’re ready to go to jail.


This particular fool was wearing a surgical mask, and had a woman with him.

After screaming his epithet, he threw the mask to the ground and both he and the woman got off the bus and disappeared. Los Angeles Metro officials say the FBI is on a hunt for this man; with an investigation pointed at a possible terrorist or criminal threat.

“Assuming this is a hoax, if people think it’s funny to do something like this, they’re not going to think it’s funny when they are arrested and prosecuted,” Metro spokesman Marc Littman said. “It’s very disruptive to people’s lives and costs taxpayers thousands of dollars.”


There is still so little information on the virus; but so far, no known cases have been identified in California and the virus does not appear to be airborne. But this man has caused some serious fear in people; and the transit officials are not taking it lightly.

Upon hearing the man’s threat, the bus driver evacuated everyone off the bus before driving it back to the yard. Littman adds that the driver is a 25-year vet, who asked to be taken to the hospital for a check up following the incident.

Read more at Washington Post.


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