Teen Killed Mother, Lost Virginity to Her Corpse, Then Says, ‘I’m Not Crazy. I Know What I Did’

"I'm not mentally ill. I know what I did." --Kevin J. Davis
“I’m not mentally disturbed. I’m sane. I know what I did.” –Kevin J. Davis

*Wow, this one really takes the cake.

A teenager found guilty for murdering his mother and then having sex with her corpse sat in court cracking his knuckles, stretching, and waving to people during his trail.

And from the sound of things, Kevin Jazrael Davis has yet to show any remorse.

Davis admitted to hitting his mom, Kimberly Hill, with a hammer 20 times before raping her dead body on March 26. In court he also admitted to having violent and sexual fantasies about his sister – who was sitting nearby.

Davis told officers: ‘I’m not mentally disturbed. I’m sane. I know what I did.’

‘You took the only person who had your back. Now you are all alone’ his sister, Desirae said, as he was being ushered off to jail. And his grandfather chimed in’, ‘I don’t quite know what to say to you. You killed your mother, you just don’t do that.’

Kimberly Hill and her daughter, Desirae (partially hidden)
Kimberly Hill and her daughter, Desirae (partially hidden)

The final determination to his mental state is he has a ‘personality disorder’ but he has been declared sane.

Either way, Davis is in prison for life.

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9 thoughts on “Teen Killed Mother, Lost Virginity to Her Corpse, Then Says, ‘I’m Not Crazy. I Know What I Did’”

  1. He should of been given death. He not only is he a criminal sexual deviant but he has to be insane whoever tested him should lose their job. Let the other prisoners hear about this and its a done deal they will have him for breakfast

  2. We are dealing with demonic forces, this young man has been influenced by the dark world & is blinded to the repercussions of his actions. God gave us the gift of choice as to who we serve…Satan has this world blinded & confused so let’s be real & see he may not be insane just another tortured soul lost in deceptive wiles of the darker forces…

  3. I know the white side of his family says: “She should of aborted that black bastard!”…that’s one of those things that happens when you mix races. You end up a child that has identity problems and mental defects.

  4. Mary Hartman- shut the fuk up! As many pedofiles and rapists that the white community and families have and you make an ignorant comment about his race and her sleeping with a black man? You need to be slapped. Sounds like you were the one who your mama should have swallowed!

  5. @cclowery your comment is disgusting & demonic. This young man is clearly disturbed & possibly abused himself. He needs psychiatric help & to be imprisoned for a long time.

  6. @Maryhart …Your the kind of ppl that caused blacks to be so violent with ur prejudice self…taking ppl from there land beating raping and killing …separating them from there family’s and culture, now ur mad because they continue the cycle of violence that ur ppl caused???? There is good an Bad in every race, Your very ignorant. Keep talking and Karma will catch up too you.

  7. @DB…You might need to go back and re-read your comment…how dare you call his comments disgusting and miss that big pile of crap, right before his…everybody doing to many drugs and to much talking and not enough reading. You guys need to grown up.

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