In Disasterous Makeover! Top Model Gives Guy ‘Lace Front Beard’ (Video)

Fake beard

*Just breathe through it and you’ll be done was the advice one “America’s Next Top Model” staffer gave an anxiety-ridden “Phil” in the first episode of ANTM that started having men on the show (scroll down to see the Jesus look video). Phil was getting a weave, still seen as something rare for a man (but probably not as rare as they would like us to believe!) Now Tyra and her comrades – who obviously thought that show was the bomb – went in for a repeat performance last night when they blessed another man with a gift of fake-hair. Only this time, the weave wasn’t on his head.

All I can say is, I hope that he, too, was given the aforementioned advice.

The TV viewing audience most likely gasped when they got a look at this latest look on the makeover show.

A man wearing a lace-front…wait for it…BEARD.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t see the episode, but my spies tell me that dude was really excited about what was about to happen; and that’s what made the whole thing even more pitiful.

While makeovers are generally a positive experience that offers anticipation, excitement and drama, I’m told last night’s makeovers were horrendous.

Even worse than Phil’s Jesus-look last year.

Tuesday’s episode revealed a potential for disaster even in the title, The Guy Who Gets a Beard Weave seeing as anyone with even a slight knowledge of weave hair realizes a weave is woven into the hair that a person already has.

So how would this work with the “Beard Weave?”

With glue. It’s glued onto the dude’s face. As pictured directly below.

Fake beard being placed

Oh god.

Fake beard finished product

Raise your hand if you realize this is not a weave at all. Higher if you agree with writer, Margaret Lyons, who has seen “better-looking’ fake beards in fourth-grade Nativity plays,” or from moms’ who drew “harsh marks with eyebrow pencil to achieve a ‘hobo-beard’ look.”

I’m laughing so hard right now. It’s like I saw the episode. Did anybody tape it? Its not on YouTube yet.

I hear even Tyra wasn’t satisfied with the look, and promised the poor guy a do-over.

Oh no, Tyra, you wouldn’t! Would you? Do you think he’ll show up?

I suggest you move on to another idea, Tyra. The beard-weave was a fail, dear.

Listen to the brother in the video directly below.


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