Police Tackle 10-Year-Old Boy to the Ground Because…Well, Just Because (Watch!)


*Tracy Hamilton is the latest parent to witness police brutality on her child. And we do mean child “literally”in this case. Hamilton admits that her 10-year-old son, Kevin (pictured) suffers from a behavior problem. He attends an alternative school because of it. So when she was called to the school after he was involved in an altercation with police, and was told, “Well, do not be alarmed, he has a scratch,” you can bet she damn sure didn’t expect to see what she saw.

No scratches, just gaping wounds…

Hamilton spoke with WTHR 13 in Indianapolis and relayed her son’s  account of the incident: “He just told me the police jumped on him and he hit the ground and his head hit the ground real hard. They put handcuffs on him.”

But police say the school went on lock-down because Kevin assaulted a teacher. They say he cornered her and threw objects and when two officers proceeded to chase Kevin down a hallway, one claims to have accidentally fallen on him.

Well, that was obviously quite a fall. Serious enough for Kevin to be taken to the emergency room for treatment; where the cops apparently explained what had happened to the attending nurse who responded, “That could not be so.”

But it was so and begs the question: What could a 10-year-old-child, with such a petite frame, do that would justify this outcome?

Though Kevin wasn’t not arrested, police were quick to counter that this is not their first time dealing with his behavioral problems.

Fair enough, but again, why does a 10-year-old have to be rushed to the hospital to treat facial wounds?

Kevin’s alleged poor behavior obviously cannot be excused, but there are a multitude of recent examples that show black students (and other minority groups) are disciplined far more harshly in school than their white counterparts; and black people in general are treated unfairly by many law enforcement officials.

See the video report directly below and read more at News One.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

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